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The Journal COMPEDIART was established with the objective of providing a platform for the academic contributions of both Lecturers and Students, encompassing theoretical insights and research findings, including those derived from library research. The aspiration behind this journal is to enhance the dissemination of knowledge and the exchange of scholarly information, particularly focusing on academic papers and research that could serve as valuable references for national development and progress.

COMPEDIART is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Permissions outside the scope of this license can be found at COMPEDIART(ubd.ac.id)
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Journal    :    COMPEDIART 
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Journal Manager   :    Sonya Ayu Kumala, M.Hum
Chief-in-Editor   :    Galuh Kusuma Hapsari, S.Sos., M.Ilkom
Publication Frequency   :    Two times a year (March and September)
Publisher   :    Faculty of Social Humanities, Buddhi Dharma University
Indexing   :    Google Scholar, Garuda, DRJI, ONESearch, COPERNICUS,
Email   :    compediart@ubd.ac.id

Released twice each year, in the months of March and September, this scholarly journal offers a broad array of research articles in the field of communication, with submissions accepted in both Indonesian and English. It is produced by the Publication Department at Buddhi Dharma University.

The COMPEDIART journal, explores the wide-ranging aspects of communication science. Its coverage includes in-depth research on media and journalism, investigations into both audio and visual broadcasting techniques, critical evaluations of public relations strategies, and comprehensive studies on advertising methods. Furthermore, it broadens its academic scope to encompass interdisciplinary research across the communication science spectrum, incorporating areas such as the principles of visual communication design, the dynamics of marketing communication, the pivotal role of health communication, the underlying theories of communication psychology, and the intricate connections within the sociology of communication.

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