The Influence Of Debt To Equity Ratio, Return On Equity, And Return On Investment On Stock Returns On Non-Cyclicals Consumer Sub-Sector Companies Listed On The Indonesia Stock Exchange For The Period 2016-2020


  • Jose Putra Mahendra Universitas Buddhi Dharma


Debt to Equity Ratio, Return On Equity, Return On Investment, Stock Return


Investment is an activity that can involve and can be done by anyone to generate profits in an industry. This study has a purpose, the purpose is to test the influence of DER, ROE, and ROI on Stock Returns on non-cyclicals consumer subsector companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange period of 2016-2020, both partially and simultaneously.

In this study, the authors used quantitative methods. The data used is secondary, sampling was performed by using a purposive sampling technique with a sample count of 6 companies over a 5-year period of consecutive observations, resulting in a total sampling of 30.

The results give information that the variables have simultaneous influence between DER, ROE, and ROI. Partially, there are a significant influence between DER and ROE on Stock Returns, whereas one other variable, namely, ROI does not have a significant effect on stock returns.