Linguistics, Literature, Cultural Studies, and Oral Tradition

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eISSN: 2797-2666
pISSN: 2797-3913

The journal of "e-LinguaTera" is an open access journal system with an online version. It is managed by the Faculty of Social and Humanities, Universitas Buddhi Dharma. The main purpose of the "e-LinguaTera" journal is to provide of scientific publication for academic writers, researchers, and students to share contemporary any academical works in the fields of Linguistics, Literature, Cultural Studies, Oral Tradition. and English Education. This journal is expected to add the repertoire of knowledge and exchange of useful scientific information as the reference to the further of the research. "e-LinguaTera" has e-ISSN and p-ISSN validated by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). In addition, the articles of the journal will be published once in 6 months. Authors can use English or Bahasa Indonesia to submit the article. The Editorial Board accepts scientific articles and journals based on the rule of writing template conducted by the e-LinguaTera's Journal manager. 

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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2024): e-LinguaTera, Universitas Buddhi Dharma
e-LinguaTera: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, Cultural Studies, and Oral Tradition
Published: 30-06-2024
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Journal Name   :  e-LinguaTera
ISSN   :  eISSN. 2797-2666, pISSN. 2797-3913
DOI   :  10.31253/pr.v1i1.555
Journal Manager   :  Dr. Irpan Ali Rahman, S.S., M.Pd
Chief in Editor   :  Adrallisman, S.S., M.Hum
Publication Frequency   :  6 bulanan (2 penerbitan per tahun)
Publisher   :  Fakultas Sosial & Humaniora
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The Journal of e-LinguaTera is an open access journal conducted by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, English Department, Universitas Buddhi Dharma. The e-LinguaTera's main goal is to provide a platform of academic research studies to share contemporary thinking in the field of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture Studies.