The Effect Of Compensation, Competence, And Work Discipline On Employee Performance At PT Transformasi Security


  • Jesica Salim Universitas Buddhi Dharma
  • Pujiarti Pujiarti Universitas Buddhi Dharma


Compensation, Competence, Work Discipline, Employee Performance


This study aims to examine and determine whether there is an influence of Compensation, Competence, and Work Discipline on Employee Performance at PT Transformasi Security, both partially and simultaneously. The research was conducted using a quantitative descriptive method. The population of this study consisted of employees at PT Transformasi Security. The sample in this study was 42 respondents with data collection techniques using a questionnaire. The results of data processing using SPSS version 25 obtained the linear equation Y = 6.725 + 0.109 X1 + 0.388 X2 + 0.322 X3 + e, which means that when variables X1 (Compensation), X2 (Competence), and X3 (Work Discipline) increase by 1 point, variable Y (Employee Performance) will increase by 0.109, 0.388, and 0.322, respectively. Based on the results of hypothesis testing, the calculated t-value for Compensation is 6.139 > 2.022, for Competence is 8.537 > 2.022, and for Work Discipline is 8.855 > 2.022. Thus, the independent variables have a partial influence on the dependent variable. Based on the F-test, the result is 39.731 > 2.852 with a significance level of 0.000 < 0.05, thus it can be concluded that there is a simultaneous or collective influence of compensation, competence, and work discipline on employee performance


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