Singme Music Entertainment Services Marketing Information System with Content-Based Filtering Method and TAM Testing

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    Ivander Darmawan( 1 ) Benny Daniawan( 2 )

    (1) Universitas Buddhi Dharma | Indonesia
    (2) Universitas Buddhi Dharma | Indonesia


With the times, the website used as marketing and sales media, which developed into E-Commerce. In 2019, there was 16,277 businesses used the E-Commerce concept, and also the value of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was about 5.07%. Furthermore, because of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID) pandemic, the GDP decreased to -2.07% In 2020 and even impacted 10 out of 17 business sectors. Music entertainment business was also impacted by the pandemic, because during the pandemic, the government restricted certain public activities. Therefore, this system named Singme will help singers or music groups to market their services and provide related information for the public. Searching the services in Singme will be assisted by using Content-Based Filtering (CBF) method, it will give the recommendations of the services which have correlations with the keywords. Using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to test 122 feedback data about Singme with SmartPLS application v3.2.9. As the results, all hypotheses are acceptable because each t-statistic value > t-table value (1.981), and also each p-value < 0.05. Which PEOU influences PU by 34.3%, PU and POEU influence ATU by 50.7%, PU and ATU influence BITU by 56.1%, and BITU influences ASU by 52.3%.


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